Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Truth about Sharifs' property in UK: Note from Inam R Sehri


Mr Hussain Nawaz says that the Sharif Family acquired Mayfair flats in London in 2007. A blatant lie it is - see below an authentic piece of written history.....

UK’s leading newspaper ‘The Independent’ dated 19th October 1998 had published that:
“…… [news] surrounding the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, over multimillion-pound corruption allegations. 

Inquiries by The Independent have established that bank accounts containing pounds 5m were set up in the names of three members of a British family [Kashif Qazi etc] from Ilford, Essex. These deposits were used to raise millions of pounds in loans which, according to documents detailing Pakistan police inquiries, were channelled into Sharif family-owned businesses.
The documents …… alleged that money was laundered through ‘fictitious bank accounts’ and, using family business interests, was siphoned into offshore accounts.

The allegations against Mr Sharif …… raised by Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency [FIA] - has produced an unofficial 200-page report into Sharif businesses.
The investigation into Mr Sharif and his family was originally commissioned in 1993 by an interim government, after Mr Sharif's dismissal as prime minister, which asked the agency to investigate 13 separate allegations of corruption and money laundering through overseas bank accounts.

The criminal charges against members of the Sharif family were dismissed in the Pakistan High Court after Nawaz Sharif returned to power 18 months ago. [How it happened – see ‘Judges & Generals in Pakistan’ Volume I & II, 2012, GHP Surrey UK at www.inamsehri.com]
The Sharif family is understood to control four luxury apartments in Park Lane, London, worth about pounds 3m. His son, currently studying at King's College London, is living in one of the properties.

The Independent has been told that bank accounts were set up in the names of three members of the Qazi family who were close friends of one of Mr Sharif's political allies - now a senior government figure - almost pounds 5m was then deposited.

Despite repeated requests from The Independent, London lawyers for Mr Sharif failed to give any response to the corruption allegations against the Prime Minister.”

A copy of the original file, till ending 1996, is still available with the undersigned if someone wants to get details.

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