Saturday, 16 April 2016

PM's departure for medical check up


PM Nawaz Sharif has proceeded to London for a medical check up. His sudden departure on account of health problems at a time when the political temperature has begun to simmer on account of Panama leaks and Imran Khan upping the ante and threatening for another Dharna in case the judicial commission of his choice is not made has raised many eyebrows. 

People are questioning as to why he went via Moscow, why he and his family carried 34 suitcases, why he handed over the reins of cabinet to Ishaq Dar, and later along with Kulsoom Nawaz held a meeting. Whether Imran-Ch Nisar travelling in one plane was a coincidence? It is also being asked whether Nawaz has gone for a check up or treatment.
Another news in circulation is possible tiff between Sharif brothers. Based on the complaint of Ch Nisar, reportedly Nawaz asked Shahbaz as to why Punjab Police allowed Mumtaz Qadri followers to enter Isbd and create chaos and as to why he was creating obstacles in the way of operation in Punjab. It is said that Nawaz gave a go-ahead for joint operations in Punjab as had been demanded by the Army so as to eliminate sleeper cells and nab facilitators, financiers of terrorists. In response Shahbaz ordered a hurried operation against Chhotu gang. Ill-planned operation has run into snags and Army's helicopters have been asked for, which have so far not been provided.
There is a rumor in circulation that Nawaz has decided to stay put in London till the finalisation of inquest of Panama leaks by unbiased commission. His return to power will be subject to clearance given by the commission. The federal and provincial govts in the meanwhile will continue to function normally.
How much weight this rumor has is anyone's guess. But what is clear is the the emerging political chaos being triggered by Imran Khan is certainly not conducive to the current internal and external threats. The country can ill afford another mayhem, or mid-term elections, which will make the country vulnerable to the vast network of foreign agencies active inside the country as well as outside. Instead of sensationalism and hullabaloo, and passing judgement beforehand, all those who matter must exercise patience and assist in making a investigation commission and then wait for its outcome. In my view there is no threat to the govt because of Panama leaks. Rift between Sharif brothers is also far-fetched.

Asif Haroon

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