Sunday, 17 April 2016

Nawaz-Zardari Meeting in London: Yeh tu wohi jaga hay, guzray thehy hum jahan say?

But the million dollar question is: Will they be able to fool the ‘aware citizenry’ once again? True, the genie of ‘mammon’ is out in the air again,those who pleaded the virtues of NRO for saving democracy, those who described ‘lawyers movement’ as a ‘revolution’, those who demonized the 2014 movement against the rigging in elections as ‘attack on democracy’ and the ‘social media teams’ paid by national exchequer will again be assembled, marshaled and paraded to cry mantras of ‘democracy under attack’ but will they be able to fool countless young men and women again?
‘Yeh tu wohi jaga hay, guzray thehy hum jahan say’! Reflecting back, after nine year, on ‘All Parties Conference in London’ in July of 2007, we now know one fact for sure: it was many things but it was not for democracy. It was an ‘Alliance of the Crooks and Criminals’ against the best interests of the people of Pakistan. It was an arrangement to make few families more and more rich, powerful and politically entrenched. It was a conspiracy to stifle new political growth, a conspiracy against democracy in the name of democracy. It was ‘rape in the name of love’.
Will they be able to fool us again? Will they be able to distribute the goodies to split the public opinion again? Panama Files has landed upon them from the skies; its not possible to sell this as an ‘establishment plan’. And thanks God, ‘khakhis’ are not visible any where, for their ‘brain waves’ are capable of causing more harm than good. Panama Files implicates both of them: the Doctor and his patient. Dr. Zardari, suffers from the same malaise, same pathology, same itch; how can he treat, put balm and bail out his ‘most desperate patient’?. This remains to be seen. This moment is not a test for democracy; this is a test of our ‘common sense’.....
April 14, 2016

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