Friday, 22 April 2016

Eye-opening conversation to know the fate of the beneficiaries of Panama Papers in Pakistan


Earlier this afternoon I spent several hours with a dear friend and class fellow who heads, one of many, white collar crime forensics investigation units of the World Bank. The geography under his jurisdiction is Asia.

I've known him for 30 years. Incredibly bright and very good at what he does. So.. I asked him...how do you see our good old MNS and the Panamonia epidemic which has afflicted Pakistan.

He paused, ever so briefly, and said. .."There's no doubt that MNS is guilty....not the shadow of a doubt.....but proving it in any court of law with authenticated documentation is absolutely impossible. We deal with similar cases every day, trying to trace corruption, embezzlement, misuse of World Bank funds, and regularly deal with these off shore tax havens. It's like hitting an iron wall.

Despite our position as the World Bank, and highly trained specialists like me and better, the best legal teams in the world, we hit a Stone wall. The legal barriers that these tax havens have created have even thwarted the best of the USA investigators.

Mayree jaan ....Toe Pakistani Investigators Toe Inn Kay Liye Halwa HaiN Halwa !.
___, look at Asif Zardari's case. Everyone knows he's guilty of massive loot and plunder hand in glove with Rehman Malik. Two PMLN governments and one Military government couldn't prove anything even in a Pakistani court of law and the guy eventually became President and Rehman Malik the Interior Minister. ( He said it I didn't 😉).

Is'haq Dar has given a complete blow by blow account of Nawaz Sharif's money laundering process. How it was done. It's like a book titled 'How to Money Launder in 45 pages'. But now his 45 page affidavit which is absolutely authentic and true was thrown out by the Lahore High Court becauae he claimed his statement was given under duress. So now it has ZERO legal prosecution value.

Bottom line, he said.

Whether its Justice Osmani or any Supreme Court commission. No one will be able to get the "legal evidence" i.e evidence acceptable in a court of Law in Pakistan or the Election Commission tribunal to prove any wrong doing to convict MNS. He will get away. His trip to London was to lock down any legal loopholes. He doesn't care about the "moral" aspect. Only the legal aspect.

So ____ relax and let's enjoy our wonderful post lunch coffee. Only the people or the Army can remove him. And I don't think either will or can. So sit back and enjoy the inevitable ......pooh!

End of story. Pretty depressing!


(Names withheld for security reasons)

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