Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Solution to the political corruption in Pakistan: Dr Mahmud Awan


Several friends have asked for a solution in their comments on my post of yesterday regarding the political corruption in Pakistan. I had offered a solution after the rigged election of May 2013 and had used the attachedMaxim Cartoonist illustration two years ago today to make my case against the Zardari and Sharif clans. PM Nawaz has returned from London after meeting his bankers and lawyers who have assured him of total secrecy regarding his offshore assets. He has managed to put another layer of personal control over the vast holdings of the family across the globe, making it almost impossible to track all the assets in any forensic audit. Upon return to Islamabad in total darkness, he has directed his army of image launderers to target Imran's fund raising for cancer hospitals to divert people's attention. My solution offered at the height of dharna protests two years ago is still the only viable option to avoid any economic and financial disruption in the country. It goes like this:
1. President should be "persuaded" by the CJP, CEC, and or the Chairman Joint Chiefs to dissolve the National Assembly in the national interest and order new elections within 90 days.
2. CEC should ban members of Sharif and Zardari clans and all corrupt individuals named in NAB documents. Chairman NAB presented his report to the President yesterday and it can serve as the basis for this ban. According to my research, the number of people to be banned is exactly 629.
3. Members elected to new Assemblies should elect a newPresident and a new Prime Minister thus providing continuity to the democratic process in the country.
4. Army should stay out of politics and provide security during the elections and maintain law and order during the transition. Pakistan Army no longer enjoys complete neutrality because it has become totally commercialized thanks to Malik Riaz and his Bahria empire. I am attaching just one example from Karachi where 83 square kilometer area of the city has been gobbled up by his bahria. Same is the fate of every major city of Pakistan especially the Cantonment areas.
Anticipating public unrest, Nawaz has already started moving big containers to block the city streets. None of that will be necessary if my plan is adopted. With the ban on known offenders and violators of existing Pakistani law, all political parties can participate in the General Election. Any attempt on the part of Zardai Sharif Coalition Government to postpone the elections till 2018 is a prescription for disaster.
Dr. Mahmud Awan 4/19/16

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