Sunday, 3 April 2016

Note from Dr Mahmud Awan

Note from
The Nuclear Security Summit of Heads of State has just ended in Washington, D.C. and President Obama has called it a major milestone. He and his Cabinet members singled out India and its Prime Minister Modi for special praise while discussing Pakistan's nuclear program with him. It is unfortunate that both the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan chose to stay away from this important Summit and left it to Modi to "analyze" Pakistani nuclear capability for the rest of the world.  Sharif sent his Foreign Affairs Assistant, Tariq Fatemi, to lead Pakistan's delegation. While I like Tariq who is a good career diplomat and I have known him for more than three decades, he was no match for Modi. Sharif and his hand picked President Mamnoon are happy to rush to Saudi Arabia every weekend but they are incapable of representing Pakistan in any international forum where even a low level of intellectual capacity is required. Sharif and Mamnoon are so focused on making money for themselves and their relatives that they are compromising Pakistan's national security and integrity. Sharif has made his family compound and business sites available to Modi operatives for carrying out sabotage activities against Pakistan. Modi has successfully used neighboring countries Afghanistan and Iran to disrupt Pakistani security while Sharif has been in bed with Indian industrial tycoons to advance his family's business interests. It is the tragedy of our times that in the Cash & Carry Democracy of Pakistan, the least competent among the 200 million people of Pakistan make it to the very top. But they suffer from such an inferiority complex that they are afraid to attend any international forum where one is required to communicate intelligently in a foreign language. I wonder how long the masses of Pakistan will stay quiet about the corruption of their leaders while the rest of the world worries about the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the subcontinent. Dr. Mahmud Awan 4/1/16

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