Saturday, 16 April 2016

Nawaz Sharif up for sale on EBAY?


Internet is truly gone mad. Somebody put Nawaz Sharif up for sale on EBAY and received 100 bids in the auction with the last bid at over sixty six thousand pounds before the posting was withdrawn. Same day somebody put the doctored photo of Mona Lisa to bring her in line with the 21st Century tastes. But it was purportedly an old photo of Mian Sharif, the father of Nawaz Sharif, that has disturbed me. I knew late Mian Sharif very well and had studied his business theory and practice as long as he was alive. He and his younger brothers never tried to hide their humble beginnings in East Punjab. This photo apparently shows him working in his blacksmith shop holding a hammer in his hand. It should not embarrass Nawaz or any other member of his family. In fact, it should be a matter of pride for them that patriarch of the family rose to become one of the greatest industrialists of our time through sheer hard work. But he got a lot of help on the way in reaching these heights and that is what my post of yesterday addressed. "Haraamzada, na paisay lainda ae, na kamm karda hay", blurted Mian Sharif one day while I was in his office in the 1960s. He was talking about Chairman WAPDA at that time who was holding up purchase of Ittefaq steel bars and was not willing to take a bribe. That man was Ghulam Ishaq Khan who later became President of Pakistan. I know only one other man in all of Pakistan (whose funeral I attended) who had refused to take a bribe from Mian Sharif. That was General Asif Nawaz Janjua who was Army Chief at that time. He complained to President Ishaq who fired Nawaz as Prime Minister even though there were other reasons as well for his dismissal. My point is unlike Zardaris and other political families of Pakistan, Sharifs did not get rich by taking bribes. They got rich by giving bribes to every decision maker in Pakistan without exception. And that is a lot of people including all the army generals, politicians, top bureaucrats, judges, and fellow industrialists who have all helped Sharifs and are all responsible for where Sharifs are today. Imran is free to ask for the resignation of Nawaz but nobody is ready to help Imran because with Nawaz go all the "Parda Nasheens" of Pakistan. And who wants to see them in the new Mona Lisa garb?
Dr. Mahmud Awan 4/15/16

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