Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Note from USAID Citizens’ Voice Project Team

It is an exciting time to work towards a Roshan Pakistan by strengthening citizen and state relations for a transparent and accountable governance mechanism. USAID Citizens’ Voice Project, since 2011, has endeavored towards facilitating meaningful citizen centric policy making processes by working with civil society organizations and citizens’ from even the remotest parts of Pakistan. To name a few thematic areas, Citizens’ Voice Project has worked on unique thematic areas at the district level such as tax reforms, legislative governance, water rights issues and municipal services etc. With every passing day we are learning and evolving our interventions to nurture citizen-state relationship in Pakistan. The diverse and wide-ranging thematic and geographical coverage of the project provides a unique opportunity to the citizens, civil society and the government for social development.
In this edition of Citizens’ Chronicle, Citizens’ Voice Project is sharing a glimpse of our latest interventions (click on link below to view the E-Newsletter). Behind every benchmark reached, there are hundreds of stories of Pakistani citizens, families and communities who are being positively impacted by the support of the project. These are the stories of raising citizens’ awareness and practice of Right to Information Law, of strengthening voices of the citizens for electoral reforms, of one of our successes regarding drafting amendments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly's rules of business. In addition to selected testimonials from the communities, we are also sharing a documentary of USAID’s efforts for a stable and democratic Pakistan as well as highlights of the latest achievements of the Project. Through this Citizens’ Chronicle, USAID Citizens’ Voice Project is briefly celebrating and sharing its efforts with you, yet we see the opportunity to do so much more in the time to come. All in for the dream of a Roshan Pakistan!

USAID Citizens’ Voice Project Team

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