Saturday, 14 May 2016

Technology management in Pakistan military: Dr Mahmud Awan


"Need to Know" is a good maxim but it does not inspire any confidence or trust in people who are excluded. It is practiced by the military but also by civilian 
organizations and it always creates contradictions. A good example is the reaction to my earlier post on Ojhri Camp disaster and its impact on the political and military history of Pakistan. Some readers have jumped to the defense of the military without even understanding the content of the Post. With friends like these, Pakistani military does not need any enemies. I have an old relationship with Pakistan army that dates back to my childhood. My ancestors fought both in the First World War and the Second World War and my direct relatives have fought in every war since the creation of Pakistan. Quite a few of them have died defending the country. That is why when I talk of the Pakistani military having a colonial outlook, I am talking about my own family. I never joined the military but I have received more awards from Pakistani military than many generals, admirals, and air marshals put together. The reason is I have made my expertise and technologies available to the military in more ways than one. The love is mutual. That is why I have called for more openness and transparency in military affairs. Soldiers and masses were kept in the dark in ancient times because they would not participate in combat if they knew the ground realities. 21st century is different because warfare now is global even if the combat is between two neighbors. My trainees in GHQ and JSHQ are often surprised to see my presentations that my children prepare for me about technology management in Pakistan military from publicly available sources because this information is suppressed inside Pakistan. Foreigners know more about Pakistani military than Pakistanis do. This has to change. Instead of attacking critics, Pakistani military has to learn to embrace divergent points of view. My son Abdur Rehman Awan (shown in the attached photos) joined me in my last lecture series at GHQ and JSHQ and now he considers himself incorrectly as an "expert" on Pakistan.
Dr. M. Mahmud Awan 5/12/14

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