Saturday, 7 May 2016

Election of Sadiq Aman Khan as London's Mayor: Dr Mahmud Awan

"What type of Bible do you want to swear in", was the question asked by the Queen's Office when Sadiq Aman Khan was going to be inducted in the British Cabinet for the first time back in 2009. Sadiq's reply was. "The Quran". The Palace spokesman said, "We haven't got one", narrates Sadiq, "So, I took one with me". There should be no questions of this kind today as Sadiq has won a decisive victory becoming the new Mayor of London. It was foolish of Prime Minister Cameron to inject racism into this election.
It is a stunning defeat for his Conservative Party as many of the top conservatives such as former Chairwoman Saeeda Warsi abandoned their party's anti Muslim racist stand and voted for Sadiq. It was even more foolish for Pakistan's Imran Khan to campaign against Sadiq to support his former brother in law, Zac Goldsmith who lost badly. I congratulate Sadiq and his wife Saadiya for running a principled campaign. They have made all British Pakistanis proud. Son of a city bus driver father and a seamstress mother who sewed clothes for a living, Sadiq and his daughters worked hard to reach today's victory. His parents are smiling in Heaven today as they would have loved to see this day as their 45 years old lawyer son has achieved more at such a young age than many can dream of in their entire lifetime. Sadiq will be running a complex city, supervising police, transport, and housing infrastructure with a sizable budget of 23 Billion dollars. I wish him great success as he will help rebuild the image of his Labour Party and position it for victory in the General Election against the Tories.
Dr. Mahmud Awan 5/6/16

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