The opposition parliamentarians of Pakistan met today in Lahore at the luxurious home of the lawyer for all the top mafiosi in the country to capitalize on Panama Leaks (see the bottom photo). None of them is in a position to criticize Sharifs because their own business dealings do not enjoy public's trust and that is why nobody paid much attention to this meeting. My post of yesterday was not about them but it was about the poor laborers shown in the above photos. Saudi Binladen Group has terminated seventy seven thousand workers, most of them Pakistanis, and issued them exit visas today to send them back home. There is already massive unemployment in the country. Laborers seeking work line up every morning in every major city of Pakistan with their mason tools (see the attached photo). Only a few get hired and the rest go home empty handed to face hungry families. That is the reality of Pakistan that these filthy rich politicians do not comprehend. Religion is the last refuge available to many. No wonder millions will gather in Islamabad industrial area this week under make shift tents (see the last photo). These people should be working in the industrial area in gainful jobs. But Sharifs, Zardaris, and the military rulers have created few jobs in the country during their decades old rule. Instead, they have promoted hatred and bigotry and the nation is deeply divided and demoralized. I doubt the huge gathering in the industrial area will hear messages of love and peace. The rhetoric quite likely will be against the West, art and literature, the minorities, and the women. That my friends, is the real outcome of the corruption of the elite politicians of the country.
Dr. Mahmud Awan 5/2/16