Saturday, 26 March 2016

Participating in TV talk shows

Public Announcement

It gives me immense pleasure to notify that six of the top 30 TV channels have expressed their willingness to invite the members of the Good Governance Forum to participate in their talk shows. Specialists of domestic and international political issues, foreign affairs, economy, national security, accountability and transparency, police and criminal justice system and energy will be invited. Exclusive programs on specific issues or good governance topics may not be possible at this stage.

I request all those who specialize in the above-cited subjects and are ready to provide ex-gratis service to send me their profile and a short note on their previous experience with the talk shows. Previous experience is not essential, but preferred.

These specialists will be sharing their views as experts from Good Governance Forum.

We hope to start the participation in four to six weeks, In sha Allah, if the specialists respond as soon as possible, preferably in a week's time.

P.S. Please feel free to forward this message to others whom you know to be specialists and willing to participate in national interest.
Mumtaz A. Piracha
Good Governance Forum
Leading the Way to the Challenge of Change in Pakistan

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